Sunday, August 30, 2009

Amish Amputee

I became aware of a local 6-year old Amish boy who lost both of his feet in a lawn mower accident. I attended a fund raising dinner for little Reuben Hostetler in Fredonia, Pennsylvania to help the family pay for medical bills. I met the parents Andrew and Rachel Hostetler, and I shared my passion for yard safety awareness to prevent these accidents from happening to other individuals, families, and institutions. Also, I donated some Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man silicone wristbands and leaflets for the family to raise funds and to disperse the yard safety message. I met Reuben. He was a little Amish kid having fun and spinning around in his new wheelchair. Like many lawn mower amputees, he will require much medical attention and care. Please consider sending a donation to little Reuben Hostetler as follows:

Reuben Hostetler
c/o Andrew and Rachel Hostetler
382 Folk Road
Fredonia, Pennsylvania 16124

Indeed, Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man still has work to do to heighten yard safety awareness. Yard accidents still happen to thousands of people. Outdoor power equipment injuries and deaths still occur. It is still a serious problem despite the efforts of many people. I am determined to reduce yard accidents to zero. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man and the Yard Safety Crusaders are here today so that yard accidents go away.

Be yard safe!

Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man