Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Madness

It is March Madness season. March comes in like a lion. I am bringing the March Madness to you. GROWL. I think that Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man is like a Mad Scientist. GROWL. He should be mad because there is too much apathy toward yard safety. GROWL. I think Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man should attend several NCAA March Madness games to draw some attention to yard safety. GROWL. He could even push his toy lawnmower around and around (a 360) on the basketball court. GROWL. Basketball dribble. GROWL. Slam dunk for yard safety. GROWL. I think MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) should support Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man. GROWL. He advocates against the use of alcohol while operating power equipment in the yard. GROWL. I am really getting mad now. GROWL. GROWL. GROWL. Now, I am sad. GROWL. YSAD. GROWL. YARD SAFETY AWARENESS DAY. GROWL. Be mad and be sad. GROWL. March goes out like a lamb. GROWL. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man wants to keep the little lamb white and alive. GROWL. Red lamb is no good. GROWL. White lamb is real good. GROWL. Baa Baa White Sheep!

Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man


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