Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Safety

The First Day of Summer 2018 is Thursday, June 21st. It is another Yard Safety Awareness Day (YSAD). YSAD? I am sad because I am thinking about all of the people who had yard accidents and got hurt or died. I celebrate because I want to create awareness so that other people can be rescued from yard accidents and live safe lives. Actually, Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man celebrates Yard Safety Awareness the first day of each season. Yard safety awareness exists everyday all year long across all different seasons throughout the world. Please take a moment and learn more about yard safety. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man is here today so that yard accidents go away. Think before you cut. It hurts! Be yard safe!

Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day


It is FATHER'S DAY. It is important for FATHERS around the world to teach their children about yard safety. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

I want to honor the many fathers around the world.  Also, I want to offer my condolences and sympathies to those individuals and families whose fathers have passed away.

In particular, I want to take a moment and reflect and pay tribute to my dad, Robert N. Mudrinich (December 22, 1930 - November 13, 1995). My dad died November 13, 1995. My dad was the greatest man that I have ever known. He was Christ-like in many ways, and he was very resourceful and patient. He reached out to those less fortunate as well as those more fortunate. He was self-taught on many levels. He was an innovative and inventive genius. My dad really was a super hero. Therefore, it is no wonder that I want to save the world from yard accidents. My dad would have been the biggest fan and ingenious supporter of the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man yard safety advocacy. Now, my dad lives with Jesus; his body rests in Morefield Cemetery located in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. My dad was a saint. He would have worn a Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man T-Shirt around town with pride until it was threads. In many ways, I do not think that my dad would be surprised by my passion to reach out to other people. He would embrace Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man, while some others think I am just an idiot. I wish that he still lived on Earth. I miss my dad. I really loved my dad. He was a great man. Before I die, I want to ride a lawn mower across America and then continue around the world. I want to be buried in my Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man super hero costume.

In short, I want FATHERS to learn about yard safety. I want MOTHERS to learn about yard safety. I want FAMILIES to learn about yard safety. I want CHILDREN to ask their PARENTS about yard safety. Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man is here today to promote yard safety awareness and rescue individuals, families, and institutions from yard accidents.

In addition, Richard Mudrinich is a father as well - a father and pioneer of various yard safety characters, products, and services. His nickname is Mud. Some people think that he is backwards, yet he is not Dum(b). He is Mud - Man of Unexplained Desire.

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (Richard T. Mudrinich) is the father and inventor of yard (garden grass grounds landscaping lawn mowing turf) safety footwear, including boots, galoshes, overshoes, and shoes. He is the father of yard safety educational concepts, tools, and venues, including apparel, artwork, coloring and activity books, comic books, games, media, software, etc.

Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man has given birth to a family of characters to educate and entertain folks on his yard safety awareness message. It all started with Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man after Mud had a severe lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of his left foot. Next, Tripod the Dog become the faithful sidekick of Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man. Tripod has three legs after experiencing a yard accident as well. Furthermore, MowBoVatar was born as an ambassador to the technology communities and venues as part robot and part avatar programmed with the mission to broadcast the yard safety message. The Twin Blades were introduced to represent the economic, environmental, and humanitarian challenges that exist between commerce, health, and public interest with regards to the fragile balance of saving the people versus saving the company. Army Armadillo was born to highlight the need for personal protective equipment. Toxy Turfy advocates yard chemical safety. Shaky focuses on health and machine vibration concerns. Zilch is a number man who keeps count of yard accidents and dreams of the number zero when the goal of zero yard accidents is finally achieved. There is still work that needs to be done. Moreover, Mud is the father of Yard Safety Crusaders - a growing group of concerned citizens around the world who want to communicate the yard safety message.

In addition, Mud is a serial social adventurer and father of festive informative characters. While in college, Mud created Captain Junk Food and the Four Food Groups to promote healthy nutrition and a balanced diet.

Furthermore, Mud is Richard Mudrinich as well - probably the biggest most complex character of them all. Think. Dream. Think some more. Be whatever character you want to be. Be yourself first. Live.



Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man