Monday, February 16, 2009


Presidents' Day is the third Monday in February! This holiday was created to celebrate the deeds of two legendary American Presidents: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

I am spending the day reading more about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and all the other Presidents of the United States of America. It is really fascinating to read of the lives and accomplishments of these great leaders. It takes a special person to become the President. I am intrigued by government and politics.

Democracy promotes freedom. Feedom promotes innovation. Innovation leads to finding ways to improve the lives of people. I would be thrilled to collaborate with all living American Presidents toward improving yard safety so that the 400,000 yard accidents each year (as reported by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) are eliminated. In America, I realize that anything can happen. Right now, I am dreaming of an American Dream. In the future, I hope to meet President Obama (44), President Bush (43), President Clinton (42), President Bush (41), and President Carter (39). I would like to ask them for their assistance in promoting yard safety awareness. I have a dream. I have a vision to rescue people and to eliminate yard accidents.

Since yard safety awareness is a global issue, I want to extend my passion for yard safety beyond America and to collaborate with leaders around the globe. Eventually, I would like to ride a lawn mower completely around the world.

The American Dream Lives. Celebrate Presidents' Day.

Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

Saturday, February 14, 2009



Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man