Saturday, January 20, 2007


It is my pleasure to respond to some critics of Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man who view my passion for yard safety as ridiculous. I have met many people during my travels that have been very supportive of my yard safety campaign featuring Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm). Likewise, I have encountered some people who view me as a flake and silly goose. On the surface, my campaign may appear silly; it is intended to educate and entertain, leading to increased yard safety awareness and caution. In essence, I am the first yard safety super hero in the history of the world™. Nonetheless, I can assure you that this campaign is not a joke. I had a lawn mower accident that cost me part of my body, cost me thousands of dollars, cost me several attractive career opportunities, cost me hardship with my friends and family, cost me frustration, pain, and suffering, cost me my reputation, cost me future surgeries and health complications, etc. In a positive light, I have gained a deeper gratitude for what I do and still have as well as several positive awakenings. Likewise, I can rest assured that the millions of other individuals who have experienced yard accidents can state similar stories to varying degrees. In short, you may think that this campaign is silly until someone gets hurt. At the very least, if you still think it is silly, then you have been granted awareness. For instance, please do not take a child for a ride while mowing the grass with a riding lawn mower; many children fall off resulting in amputated limbs. Then, you are a silly goose. Be careful. Think before you cut. It hurts! (tm)

Richard T. Mudrinich
Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man
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